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Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Disclaimer: Product stock and prices are subject to change after blog publish date.

Are you nervous about decorating your home for the holidays with porch pots, a fresh Christmas tree or fresh wreaths, garlands, etc. in fear of them drying out and not lasting until Christmas? With proper care, you can enjoy fresh décor all season long!

One sure way to get into the Christmas spirit is by adorning your front porch with festive urns!

To ensure your porch pots look their absolute best, here are some tips:

  • Place your plastic insert in a heavier, decorative pot to help stabilize your porch pot and prevent it from toppling over in the wind
  • Keep the soil at the base of your porch pot well-watered so that the branches freeze firmly and do not shift or fall out
  • Place your porch pot in a shady location if you would like the fresh greens to last longer. Placing your porch pot in a sunny location will cause the fresh greens to brown. Misting your fresh greens when placed in a sunny location will help slow browning, but it is best to place your porch pot in the shade to increase longevity.

Most fresh Christmas trees can last for weeks! If you are looking for a long-lasting fresh Christmas tree, Fraser Fir is the way to go. Unfortunately, Balsams typically do not last as long.

Whichever type of fresh Christmas tree you choose, follow these tips to keep it looking green and lush:

  • Before setting up your fresh Christmas tree, be sure to give the trunk a fresh cut. Cutting about an inch or so off the bottom of the tree trunk will get rid of any resin or sap that may prevent water absorption
  • After setting up your fresh Christmas tree, fill the stand with lukewarm water to open the pores at the base of the tree that help draw in water
  • Before decorating your fresh Christmas tree, we highly recommend monitoring it for a day or so to make sure that the tree is absorbing water. If a day has passed and you notice that the water level in the stand has decreased, it is safe to decorate!
  • If you would like your fresh Christmas tree to last a little longer, make sure that you keep it away from vents, heat sources and bright, sunny areas. These conditions will cause your Christmas tree to dry out faster.
  • Most importantly, keep your fresh Christmas tree well-watered. Check for water daily. Christmas tree preservatives, additives and fertilizers are not necessary with regular watering.

It is normal for fresh Christmas trees to lose some of their needles. If you notice that some of the needles are turning brown, that is also normal, especially if the rest of the needles are pliable. If a lot of needles begin to brown, fall off and they feel weak and crumble when touched, that is a cause for concern and is a sign that your tree needs more water and/or is not absorbing water properly.

Don’t forget to place your fresh Christmas tree in a sturdy stand to prevent it from falling over and getting damaged! We currently have stands that fit fresh Christmas trees up to 8’ tall for $34.99 and stands that fit trees up to 10’ tall for $50.00. Available while quantities last.

Do you plan on using fresh greens to decorate indoors? While we recommend displaying fresh wreaths, swags, garlands, etc. outdoors, we know how tempting it is to bring them inside because of how beautiful they look and how amazing they smell!

If you can’t resist decorating the inside of your home with winter greens, there are a few things you can do to help keep them looking fresh and fragrant:

  • Store your fresh greens in a cool area until you are ready to use them. If you are hosting an event, it is best to keep your fresh greens outside and display them in your home as close to the event as possible.
  • If you are hosting multiple events and you would like your fresh greens to last, consider storing the greens outside in between Christmas celebrations
  • Much like with a fresh Christmas tree, keep your fresh greens out of the sunlight and away from heat vents
  • Spritz your fresh greens with water everyday to rejuvenate them. If you choose to mist your fresh greens, please be aware that the mist could leave water spots or damage the surface you are misting them on, so mist cautiously.
  • Using oasis can also extend the life of your fresh greens indoors! Oasis, also known as floral foam, is a spongy material with a dual purpose. Oasis soaks up water and helps prolong the life of flowers, or in this case fresh greens. It also helps to hold them in place. If using oasis, make sure that it is always wet.

We hope that you found these recommendations helpful and that they have put you at ease if you are considering incorporating porch pots, a fresh Christmas tree or fresh greens into your décor this Christmas, especially for the very first time!