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Houseplants are a great and easy way to purify the air in both your home and office by reducing carbon dioxide levels, as well as reducing levels of dust and certain pollutants.

According to a study by NASA, using 15 to 18 good sized houseplants in 6 inch (15 cm) to 8 inch (20 cm) containers will improve the air quality in an average 1,800 square-foot house. The more vigorously these plants grow, the better job they will do at cleaning the air!

Houseplants not only look good, but they help us feel good too! They have been known to reduce stress and boost one’s mood, concentration and creativity.

Vermeer’s Tropicals

Vermeer’s is proud to carry the largest selection of tropical plants in the Niagara Region!

Tropicals add life to your home in the colder months and pizzazz to your patio all summer long!

Whether you are looking for a small succulent to decorate your coffee table or a large palm to get a taste of the tropics, there is a houseplant for everyone.

While our selection of tropicals is constantly changing, we always carry a wide variety of plants ranging from miniatures that fit in the palm of your hand to 10 foot show stopping tropicals.

Year round you will find a fantastic selection of:

  • Small flowering potted plants, like Begonias, Kalanchoes, African Violets and more
  • Clean air plants in pot sizes ranging from 2.5″ to 14″
  • Indoor hanging baskets
  • A wide range of orchid varieties
  • Mixed tropical planters
  • Cactus and succulents
  • Air plants
  • Indoor citrus fruit plants
  • Bonsai trees and bonsai starter plants

We also carry foods, fertilizers, soils and orchid bark for all your houseplant needs! Don’t forget to check out our amazing selection of pots to match your décor!

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Looking for Specifics?

If there is a plant that you are looking for that we do not have in stock, we will attempt to find it for you. We source the best quality tropicals from local growers to Florida nurseries. If it is available to us, we will do our best to make it available to you!


Are you from the Greater Toronto area and would like to purchase a plant from us, but are unable to make the drive down here yourself? No worries! Plantrunz has you covered!

What is Plantrunz? Plantrunz is a service that picks up plants from growers, nurseries and garden centres on a customer’s behalf and then delivers the plant material directly to them!

How do I use Plantrunz?

Step 1: Purchase your plants from Vermeer’s through our website!

Please select ‘Plantrunz’ at checkout. This option will appear after you have inputted a postal code that is outside of our delivery range in the ‘calculate shipping’ section. When entering your information at checkout, if your billing address and shipping address differ, it is important that you fill out these sections accordingly as your shipping address will be visible to Plantrunz.

Step 2: Reach out to Plantrunz and they will coordinate payment and delivery!

You will need to contact Plantrunz directly to schedule a delivery and arrange payment, but we encourage you to wait until you get an email from us with the following subject line: Your order from Vermeer’s has been set aside for pick up by Plantrunz. This email is confirmation that we have processed and put aside your order for Plantrunz. Once you have received this email, please forward it to Plantrunz ([email protected]). This forwarded email will provide Plantrunz with all the information they need to give you a proper delivery quote.

Step 3: Await the arrival of your new plants!

Step 4: Enjoy your plants and repeat as necessary!

If you have any questions about our partnership with Plantrunz, feel free to send us an email ([email protected]) or give us a call (905-735-5744)!