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Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Disclaimer: Product stock and prices are subject to change after blog publish date.

There’s nothing quite like fresh herbs and vegetables, especially if you’ve grown them yourself!

If you’re interested in planting an herb or vegetable garden this year, set yourself up for success by selecting good quality soil specially designed for growing these plants.

Here are some of the nutrient rich soils we currently have in stock for herb and vegetable gardens:

Fafard 3/1 Vegetable Garden Planting Mix (0.4-0.05-0.2) (30 L bag $6.79 ea.)

Approved for organic gardening, this sphagnum peat moss-based soil mix is enriched with compost and natural fertilizer to yield exceptional results.

Quali Grow Garden Soil (0.04-0.02-0.02) (28.3 L bag $3.99 ea.) (50 L bag $5.99 ea.)

Quali Grow Garden Soil is also enriched with compost and provides essential nutrients to promote healthy vegetables and flowers!

Nature’s Care Organic & Natural Potting Mix with Water Conserve (0.12-0.08-0.12) (28.3 L bag $8.99 ea.)

If you are limited on space and plan on growing herbs or vegetables in containers, we recommend using Nature’s Care Organic & Natural Potting Mix. This soil contains yucca and coir, which provide unique moisture control qualities, and perlite for optimized aeration for your potted plants. Alfalfa meal, bone meal, earthworm castings and kelp meal offer other amazing benefits and help your plants develop strong roots.

Don’t forget about fertilizer! As your growing plants take up nutrients from the soil, these nutrients need to be replenished to ensure and prolong healthy growth.

Miracle-Gro Organics Plant Food for Vegetables & Herbs (4-3-7) (3.6 lb container $16.99 ea.)

Miracle-Gro Organics Plant Food for Vegetables & Herbs gives you the results you expect with the organic ingredients you want. This plant food contains a special blend of organic and natural ingredients to favour an abundant harvest. Simple to use! Just shake and apply dry directly from the container to feed potted and in-ground vegetables, tomatoes, herbs, and fruits. Then, lightly mix food into the soil and water in. Please refer to the packaging for more directions and application information.

Now that you have an idea of the soil and fertilizer you should use for a successful herb or vegetable garden, it’s time to pick out some plants!

We have an assortment of herbs available in-store, including basil, parsley, rosemary, mint, thyme and more. We also have many vegetable plants to choose from, such as tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, lettuce, kale, onions, squash, and cucumbers.

Visit Vermeer’s today for all your gardening needs!