Going For The Green Fertilizer Program


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Going For The Green Fertilizer Program 

Covers 4,300 sqft.

Fertilizer program includes:

1 bag of Scotts Quick + Thick Grass Seed (12-0-0) (1.2 kg)

Even if your yard is the fickle sort with varying degrees of sun and shade, you can grow a dense and luscious lawn fast. Scotts® Turf Builder® Quick + Thick Grass Seed Sun – Shade Mix 12-0-0 grows grass 2X thicker – in just 14 days! Our exclusive mix contains our highest quality grass seed plus a special blend of slow-release fertilizers. So, seed not only gets a quick start, it grows into thick, green grass that lasts. 99.99% weed-free grass seed made just for full sun and partial shade. Ideal for overseeding existing lawns. Great for establishing a new lawn on bare soil. Apply April-May.

1 bag of Nutrite Spring Lawn Fertilizer (21-0-9) (9 kg)

Makes your lawn green up rapidly. Apply April-May.

1 bag of Nutrite Summer Lawn Fertilizer (18-0-12) (9 kg)

Favours a continued growth all summer. Apply June-July.

1 bag of Nutrite Fall Lawn Fertilizer (10-0-15) (9 kg)

Prepares your lawn for winter stress. Apply August-October.

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