Introducing our revolutionary TruDrop self-watering system that makes container gardening all pleasure and little effort. Technology inspired by nature.

“Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gardener, container gardening provides an easy option to bring colour, edibles, and greenery to any environment. In a container garden you can control the soil content, the feeding, the watering and the sun exposure in a way you cannot out in the garden. But as the saying somewhat goes, with great control comes great responsibility, and remembering all the “how to’s” of being responsible for container gardening care can sometimes be a little daunting. We wanted to take a lot of the fear of failure out of container gardening care by adding helpful function to our product…” – Crescent Garden

The TruDrop self-watering system is great for indoor and outdoor use. The planter can hold enough water to keep plants hydrated for 2-6 weeks. Initially, monitor the water level indicator every two weeks to determine ideal watering frequency, which will vary depending on plant and location. There is no need to water the plants directly, instead you can use the intake hole located at the top of the planter, unless you are adding new fertilizer.

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