Nature’s Care Organic Garden Soil with Water Conserve (0.12-0.08-0.12) (28.3 L)


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Nature’s Care Organic Garden Soil with Water Conserve (0.12-0.08-0.12) (28.3 L)

A single bag is 28.3 L.

Overview & Benefits

  • Contains cool things from nature like coir and rich organic matter for a more nutritious start
  • Provides super moisture holding power to give your plants even more of what they love
  • Includes plant food that feeds your plants for up to 2 months, giving you big, beautiful vegetables and herbs, naturally
  • With Root-TrientsTM – Alfalfa Meal, Bone Meal, Earthworm Castings, and Kelp Meal to provide nutrients essential in helping plants to build strong roots
  • For in-ground gardening of fruits, vegetables, and flowers

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