Floral Euro Kids Kit


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Floral Euro Kids Kit

Each floral euro kids kit comes with a list of supplies and an instruction sheet so you know exactly what is needed and how to make your kit at home!

Dimensions (Euro): 3″ L x 3″ W x 3″ H

See each individual product for what the kit includes. 


1. Submerge the cube of oasis in water for a few minutes until the water has soaked through the oasis

2. Remove the oasis from the water and wrap it with the aspidistra ribbon

3. Place the oasis wrapped in aspidistra ribbon into the glass cube

4. Add water to the glass cube filling it about three quarters full

5. Place variegated pittosporum and assorted fresh greens into the sides of the wet oasis, leaving some room in the middle for the flower(s) or the ice cream cone ornament to be added later on

6. Place the flower(s) or the ice cream cone ornament in the middle of the oasis

7. Add the small decorative balls all the way around the arrangement, filling in any bare spots

8. Enjoy!


1. Be sure to water the oasis regularly to increase the longevity of the arrangement.

Floral euro kids kits may not be exactly as pictured. Materials are subject to availability.

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