If you are placing an online order and you would like to use Plantrunz, you no longer need to select local pickup at checkout. You also do not need to let us know in the note section that you intend to use Plantrunz. If you have inputted a postal code in the calculate shipping section that is outside of our delivery range, a Plantrunz option will appear. Please select this option.

When entering your information at checkout, if your billing address and shipping address differ, it is important that you fill out these sections accordingly as your shipping address will be visible to Plantrunz.

You will still need to contact Plantrunz directly to schedule a delivery and arrange payment, but we encourage you to wait until you get an email from us with the following subject line: Your order from Vermeer’s has been set aside for pick up by Plantrunz. This email is confirmation that we have processed and put aside your order for Plantrunz. Once you have received this email, please forward it to Plantrunz ([email protected]). This forwarded email will provide Plantrunz with all the information they need to give you a proper delivery quote.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!